We simplify IT to help businesses reach their goals. Growing businesses require the latest technology and IT support to function efficiently and keep up with the competition. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours, it can be difficult to manage the ongoing cost of technology and the support needed to use and maintain it.

Borg ITS offers simplified reliable IT through Managed IT Services!

Our industry leading proactive Managed IT Services program gives you the benefits of a Managed IT services provider (MSP) relationship for all your software and hardware needs while removing the expense of doing it all in-house.


We provide professional office support from broken hardware, software issues to recommending new hardware/software and training for both.


By reviewing your infrastructure's architecture and controls, we identify where your business is most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.


from your support request by email or phone we can connect via a remote tool to diagnose and solve the issue. We can also teach and train why that issue happened to stop it from happening again in the future which also lowers IT support costs.